What if games were more collaborative, and what if the AI was so smart and engaging it made them magical? At Timewarp, our mission is to create new and engaging cooperative games that include a heavy dose of clever AI. From these games, we're also working to create tools that make such experiences easier to create. We hope these tools could be used to improve games, work environments and remote collaboration.

Right now, we're working on our first commercial title code-named “Mafia Pigs”. It is a multiplayer coop game in which you and your friends navigate through a bizarre world to upend the balance of power in the Pig Mafia.

The company is a newly founded indie studio and has its primary working locations in Barcelona, Spain, and Prague in Czechia.

We'd love to have you come on this journey with us!


As a Senior 2D Graphic Artist Developer, you will be developing and implementing the key graphical elements of the Mafia Pigs game, including characters, environment, and User Interface. You'll have a key role in making these areas of the game consistent and engaging for players.

You'll also be bringing your knowledge of best practices and processes to the team.

Key parts of the role include:

In this role, you will be the principal artist on the team, but you will not be on your own. We'll scope the work to ensure it's achievable, and other team members, as well as potential external resources, will help work on key items as needed.